Writer, Reporter, Anchor, Host, Photographer.

John McQuiston is a multimedia journalist based near Tampa, Fla. who has the range to report and anchor news, sports, and features — sometimes all in one newscast!

John has covered everything from major sporting events to breaking news situations. His reporting has appeared on numerous local network TV affiliates as well as ESPN, NBC and the Florida-wide Sun Sports network.

John anchors news on 970 WFLA-AM in Tampa - September 2017

Florida's Society of Professional Journalists chapter named John a finalist for its Anchor of the Year award in 2013, 2014 and 2015. He earned regional Emmy nominations for sports anchoring in 2013 and for news anchoring in 2012. John also owns the Philip Randolph Parker Company, a production company which creates video biographies and other personal documentaries. His creative endeavors also include still photography and music.

John's song "Light of Day"



From on-camera talent and voiceovers to writing and producing, John can help your next video project.

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